Monday, September 26, 2016

Own Your Style Don't Be a Knockoff

I was on Twitter looking at all the “Fashion Week” tweets and getting really peeved. Here is why… When did “street” fashion become “mainstream”??!! Seriously when??!! “Street” fashion was fashion that regular everyday women/girls would wear to showcase THEIR own style not the style of the designers or fashion stylist but THEIR own. Now the big designers and stores have decided they need to tell us regular everyday people how to even wear our own style. Truthfully it drives me crazy when they can’t leave great style alone. I know they are cashing in on it which really sickens me as well.

Style is about your personal relationship with your clothes and how you project them to the world. Fashion is what a group of people decide that you should wear for this season. Trends are the “hot” looks that only last a short bit because usually they are so out there or have colors that are not what people would normally wear. Each one is important to each other however your personal style is the most important since this represents the who, what, why and how of YOU and you alone!

I was and still am so excited by streetwear but not the mainstream idea of what streetwear is or should be! It is kind of like the love/hate relationship I have with the “Fashionistas”! When they first started the whole “fashionista” trend they were individuals who wanted to showcase their own style and looks. Now it has become a cookie cutter cliché for the most part. There are still great “fashionistas” who still show their gorgeous individual style whom I applaud but sadly most have become fake from their heads down to their shoes imitations of each other!

This is not what style is or even about because when you are wearing the exact same look as everyone else you have become a clone or what we use to call “conformist”! I am not trying to be rude or hateful but when you are saying that you are a “fashionista” or “streetwear” savvy please for the love of all things fashionable do not be a cookie cutter designer knockoff! You do not look like an individual you look like every other person on Google images!

OWN your own style let it shine for everyone to see and if they don’t like it well that’s too bad since I am sure you will find at least four others who do! Don’t be scared of mixing up classics with trends this is called YOUR style for a reason. Clothes should accent you so you shine and it should not look like every other woman's on the block.

So ladies and gentlemen be proud of your style, own it and show it!! Hope to see you in the fashion papers and on the runway we call life!

Dacia aka Sommer-Reign on Polyvore

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